Congratulations Angela!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008
Posted by Neugier

This week my Baby Sister will Graduate from College!

Angela I miss you and love you. Please know that while I am not there physically, I am always with you in my heart, my thoughts and prayers. You have done well and have worked hard for this moment. I hope you see your diploma as a "ticket to see the world".
I give to you this thought which was given to me:

"For so long, I have held on to the vision of my hopes and dreams like a child attached to her security blanket. The fear of letting go of the vision just enough to allow God's perfect plan to manifest for my life was hindering more than I knew. Although I have often spoke of the value of a life without fear, I was more fearful than ever. I wasn't quite practicing what I preached.

However, I began to pray in asking God to show me how to let go - on how not to be so anxious. It can be hard when one's back is against the [wall] and is bombarded by economic doom and gloom daily. Yet, I said if I trusted, I just needed to trust. It just seemed that all that I desired for my life seems to be just taking forever and the reality is, I recognize that I am not getting any younger.
But what is time, really? I pride myself on having a pretty youthful spirit and relaxed attitude about life. I once was very anxious, stressed, over-worked and too consumed with the thoughts others had about me. When I made the decision to let all that go, there began the journey of a life that would become glorious and exhilarating in my embracing life's uncertainty. It began my viewing life as an adventure. It was a decision to truly live my life by learning to live in the now.

Oprah has touched on this theme for years now in her quest to promote spiritual truth for the lives she touches daily. There are those who even accuse of her of leading a cult.To those naysayers I say they just need to get over themselves. They remind me of people I use to know in the Christian church who really were afraid of no longer being able to control others to the point of promoting misery among as many people as they could. It was an ugly spirit that made one feel like true peace and happiness were sins. It is this psychological enslavement that has burdened too many for too long.

It all starts with exercising one's freedom of choice. I choose to be happy. I choose to live in the moment. I choose to live in the now. I choose to trust the God of my life who has kept me in some of the most darkest times of my life where I wasn't quite sure as to whether or not I would make it.

So, my humble charge for you today is to try living in the now. Give up worrying about money, health and especially other people. Commit to simply doing the best you can, with what you have right NOW - in this moment; not the next moment, but this moment now. Embrace your choice of feeling good about your life and who you are now. Begin to celebrate the fact that you can now experience life without giving a damn about the judgment of others. Smile, laugh and feel the release.

The real beauty is that through this simple act you engage in a monumental spiritual shift that reclaims your power as the true spirit being God has called you to be. It will frustrate people and drive them crazy. You don't have to tell anyone what you are doing or why you are changing your attitude for the better. The unenlightened will be forced to live in their own hell of frustration because they cannot figure out what has gotten into you. However, know they have the same choice as you to be happy, live well and be in the moment of their own lives. It will open you up to possibilities you never really knew existed.

Be happy. Be love. Be you. And most of all, be in the now." End.

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