Why You Are Going To Hell. And What You Can't Do About It.

Friday, 26 October 2007
Posted by Neugier

My parents have been a missionaries & pastors for over 50 years. One of their callings is in the area of Inter-denominational Relations: specifically, the breaking down of religious walls.
As a result of all this teaching & experience & background, I have the ability of being able to sermonize as the pastor or priest or rabbi of any denomination and then, using the Bible, the DS scrolls, the Torah, and various languages, prove that all other denominations are going to hell or that all Christians are going to hell or that all Jews are going to hell. This makes for some humerous Bible studies in our family because my wife and I were brought up in two different denominations each of which believes in effect that the other denomination is going to hell for various beliefs/action.
What's interesting about all this is that if all Jews and all Christians were put into a room together, for all intents and purposes, their collective belief is that they are all going to hell.
So now you know, whoever you are.... you are going to hell. You have to be. After all, the denomination that says you are, can't be wrong? The trick is that you can't please them all so therefore there is nothing you can do about the fact that you are going to hell.
No wonder God said that we should not judge or we would be judged. Now, I am not going to even comment on that statement, because, some denominations disagree as to what it means.
But interestingly enough, the same group of christians who have a fondness for passing judgment, are at the same time seemingly lacking in the living and the sharing of the love of God, and instead, in my opinion, diligently work at refining the science of hypocrisy and self-righteousness and sanctimoniousness, as much as, if not more so than the original Pharisees.
Oh, oh, oh. Pardon me. I forgot: it is not called 'lack of love'. It is called 'tough love'. Tough love: an interesting concept borrowed from German pop psychology and pasted into modern-day Christianity.
So now, if you are reading this and saying to yourself that, "Well my denom is right and the other denoms are wrong", I have a question for you. Why should anyone even listen to you since you belong to a 501c3 denomination? What am I talking about? Well get a hold of IRS Code § 508(c)(1)(A) and read it. This IRS reg uses the mandatory exception rule for 510c3 for: churches, their integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches. In other words, all church/temple organizations are automatically tax exempt. Are you familiar with IRS Publication 526 which states that a donor can deduct contributions only to qualified organizations and that to become a qualified organization, most organizations OTHER THAN churches and governments must apply to the IRS. So where's your spiritual credibility when you belong to a state created corporate entity which has needlessly surrendered the right to freely proclaim the whole gospel, in order to save mammon. Have your pastor host an IRS agent at a Sunday Service and then have him preach a sermon about God's position on homosexuality or have him endorse a presidential candidate. Ask your Bibleschool why they have given away a basic spiritual birthright; the right to freely proclaim the gospel. Ask your pastor. Ask your professor. Ask yourself. Talk to the many 501c3 Church groups who have been bankrupted and shut down for speaking the truth… in THIS our free christian country. Something so basic. Something so important. Betrayed.
Now as many of you may know, I was previously married and am now married to Amy (Haynes) Palmer. Many people are fond of telling us that we are going to hell because we are 'living in sin' and how we have 'turned our backs on the truth', but none of them will sit down with me in person and attempt to make their case. I wish they would, because I can debunk their assertions with half my brain tied behind my back while chewing gum, patting my stomach and using their own Bible. And I can do it in numerous denominations or just as..... myself.
So if you are one of those christians who go around labeling who is going to hell, just remember that there are other so-called christians damning you and your religious leaders to hell for one reason or another. And there is nothing you can do about it.
As for my family we still love you, even though allegedly you are going to hell.
Peace and Love,
Miles Palmer


Tim said...

The problem in most cases is the use of head knowledge.Human logic and figuring will lead to problems every time. True spirituality is an issue of the heart, and when it truly becomes an issue of the heart we can stand firm in what we believe and still listen to others with diferent points of view. The key is to be seeking the heart of God and His thoughts for your life. Do not become so stuck on human reasoning that the Holy Spirit couldn't get your attention with a baseball bat! Only the quiet seeking heart will find the Holy Spirits leading. The great irony is that it is possible to do everything right and still be wrong! (example... Pharisees) So it comes back to the heart....In truly seeking the mind of God and His thoughts for you in His Word and in prayer, will come the Holy Spirits leading of your thoughts, attitudes and life in general.
I did not write this because I think I am perfect but it is my desire and goal.......and what I believe!!!

Miles said...

Well said Tim. It is all about the heart. Which is why God looks at the heart. Of course, Church Growth Consultants(yes there is such a thing) would say that your type of thinking is naive and is no way to attempt to grow a denominationor even a Church group.