Take Back Your Church Group

Friday, 2 November 2007
Posted by Neugier

For information about your 501c3 State Church and how you and your pastor can take your Church group back for God, I recommend that you read "In Caesar's Grip" by Peter Kershaw, and also that you read through this website.... http://hushmoney.org ....and share this information with your pastor. Be forewarned: most pastors have been conditioned to be scared of the IRS, so don't expect too much. Just sow the seed of Truth.
By the way, for you licensed pastors: A license is legally defined as, "Consent given, to engage in an activity which is otherwise unlawful." What this means is that when someone applies for a ministerial license they are agreeing that it is illegal in this country to preach the gospel unless you have written permission from a secular government. When you become a government-licensed minister, you automatically give up your right to free speech. When your Church group becomes 501c3, everyone in your Church group loses their right to free speech.
Please ask your Bible College to educate their students on the issues of Law which affect the Church!


Anonymous said...

Hushmoney.org is a valuable and great site...but I can't seem to order any of Mr. Kershaw's material from it. Any suggestions?

Millie said...

Well written article.