Tuesday, 19 February 2008
Posted by Neugier

Did anyone watch Extreme Home Makeover tonight. I am absolutely floored and humbled by this beautiful story. If you don't watch the show, the team usually comes in and helps families who have had some horrible past issues that have put them at the worst points of their lives. They are usually people who do good things for their community despite their own struggles. Their houses are usually ramshackled or not fitting for there size of family or for disabilities that they may have.

Tonight's family was a little different. This family had a son, who was born without eyes and limb deformities. The son is now an adult. He is an accomplished musician who plays Piano and Trumpet. He plays in a marching band. He is a great singer. All that in and of itself was unbelievable. But his spirit and love of life is something that will truly bring you to your knees. If you didn't see it, you can watch episodes online as well.... it is so worth watching. This family had no sad tears. They had no horror stories. Just a story of a boy who accomplishes great things..... things that don't require the use of eyes or legs.... He said people see him as disabled, but he has never thought of himself that way. He believes people with sight have a bigger disability because of the superficial ways we judge people - such as what they look like or what they have. He, on the other hand, wouldn't know how to judge that, and instead can be free to judge people only by their mind and their actions. WOW!!! I can't even put into words how wonderful this young man is. You just have to watch

This post was written by my fellow blogging friend at(waiting for Olivia). I could not have said it better myself. Great job Heather!