To Our Girls

Friday, 29 February 2008
Posted by Neugier

Happy Birthday to our girls Ashley and Abby who were both born this month, and to my other girl, Amy, without whom they would not be here.

Ashley you are now 18. Thanks for being our first amazing little girl, now also an amazing young lady. Thanks for being true to God and yourself, and in so doing, helping us to to be true to God and ourselves. You have taught us as much as we have taught you.
Abby you are now 2. You are so much like your mamae. You are so much like your big sister. You are so much like yourself. You are so much like God.
Thank you both for coming here.
This song is for you both.

Amy, thanks for Loving me. Thanks for adopting our children. Thank you for being their mamae.
This song is for you.

Love Eternal,
Miles(Austin, Aydon)


Neugier said...

Thank you My Love for inviting me and allowing me to adopt and partner with you in the loving care of our four miracles.
As for "my" song - thank you for making HOME a reality. There are so many children of all ages longing for a HOME, a safe place - thank you for choosing to give yourself to our Abba Daddy thus making HOME a chosen reality for myself and our children-for our family. I love you!