Catch Up Post!

Friday, 14 March 2008
Posted by Neugier

I have been meaning to sit down and post the Palmer current events since Friday past... Well, we will attempt to do so now at least to some extent!

1. Seuss Party!
We celebrated Dr. Seuss Birthday all week long and on Friday we partied all day!

2. Shapes by Eric Carl:
Big and little chalk shapes of every color- Making big and litte garlic circles-Practicing colors and tearing paper with Papai followed by gluing torn paper pieces to a rectangular milk carton and planting herbs for our windowsills.

3. Sunny afternoons in the park:
We have had several sunny afternoons this week and have joyfully spent them at local parks. Aydon is 5 months old now and this is a picture of his first stroller ride. The last picture is of our two daugters and absolutely takes my breathe away! It is the perfect picture of pure beauty and innocence the way it is supposed to be.


Beth said...

cool post :)