March 3rd was Write A Letter of Appreciation Day!

Thursday, 6 March 2008
Posted by Neugier

There are so many people I appreciate that to write them all would be near impossible so I have decided to give myself 10 minutes and compile a list with one thing I appreciate about as many people as come to mind.


Miles- your integrity
Ashley- how you consistently strive to be true to yourself
Austin- your willingness to “jump right in”
Abby- your pure love of life
Aydon- your awareness
Helena- your honesty
Junior- your gentleness
Beth- the countless 1:00, 3:00 phone calls “just to help me stay awake” :D
Auntie Deb- the way you live your life
Missy- your honesty
Aunt Joan- the warmth of your home
Tia Maria- your relationship with Christ
Momma- your strength –“…which comes from the hills”
Cheryl- your willingness to evaluate life and yourself honestly
Kelly- the way you think of others
Angela- the way you are able to recognize the need of others
Andrea-your eye for perfection
Dad- the bottomless ocean of love inside of you
Mother- your ability to help others
Phyllis- your realistic approach to life
Stephanie- the way you accept what you can not change and make the most of every situation
Grandma Haynes- your prayers
Grandma Hotchkiss- your openness
Aunt Jill- your gentle spirit
Kimberly and Ardel- the way you speak the Truth in and through LOVE
Aunt Debbie- your natural ability to entertain and make so many “feel right at home”
Bob and Joan- your journey and transparency
Shawn- your genuineness
Chris- the way you continue to live life each day never forgetting yesterday but making the most of today and embracing all your tomorrows.


That was harder than I expected! And please, if you are looking for your name and do not find it on this list, realize there are only so many seconds in every 10 min. and way too many people to list them all. It is not as easy as it may seem to choose one thing you appreciate about someone, when there are so many things from which to choose.

It is our personal and family prayer that our "Abba Daddy will govern every detail of every relationship we have. We ask to be introduced to those He would have in our lives and to be separated from those He does not wish to have in our lives." Beware: this is truly a life altering prayer when prayed in sincerity.

Thank you for being a part of our lives and may our Abba Daddy bless you according to His perfect will.