"McDonald's CEO:" revisited

Tuesday, 8 April 2008
Posted by Neugier

Last evening when I posted the article "McDonald's CEO:" I hesitated before doing so and here is why: I did not want someone who has or is currently choosing the “gay” lifestyle to do a Google search, find my post, and feel as though '...here is another gay basher'.
So after praying -again- about all this, I have decided to sit down and write for myself and family, everyone in any way associated with the gay lifestyle, and... you the reader.
Personally I find that people are most often on opposite spectrums of most any controversial topic...
1: "If I say anything that might or will expose so and so’s skeletons, then I might hurt their feelings, so I just won’t say anything."
Question: What about the people, the future generations, even the person directly involved who are ultimately hurt more BECAUSE you choose to not say anything.
2: "That is a sin,'bless God', and you are a sinner so I am going to 'make my stand' therefore you are now shunned." ... Regrettably, Shunning is most often done in the name of so called Christianity EVEN THOUGH Jesus, the 'founder' of Christianity, lived in opposition to such things: He ate with the thieving Tax Collector, allowed a prostitute to anoint and dry his feet with her hair, befriended the adulterous women at the well, and also defended a woman who was caught in the act of adultery.

Do I agree with the gay lifestyle? No, I don't. When I read the scriptures I feel that it is very plain that the gay lifestyle is sinfull to God.

Having said that, it is the sin, not the person who is choosing to commit the sin/live the gay lifestyle, that God condemns. My home is a safe place; it is a place of healing and growth and of Love. As far as my husband and I are concerned, our first and foremost responsibility is to Love and protect and nurture the children that God has put in our care. People who have, or are currently choosing the gay lifestyle are welcome in our home even though the sexual acts between them are not allowed in our home. We teach our children the principles and scriptures of the Bible, not merely the 'preferred meaning' of the scriptures. We teach our children to spiritually and physically reach out with Love -as Jesus did- to those who are choosing to live contrary to the scriptures, to have compassion for those who are choosing to live in Fear rather than Love and freedom, to not tolerate sin but to Love everyone with the Love of their Abba Daddy.

So why did I post the article in the first place? Because I feel strongly that it is a disservice to everyone for any group or company -especially one that has a large spiritual influence on families- to publicly single out and support a lifestyle which according to the Bible is a sin, and at best is socially divisive. Everyone should be welcome to eat from their local Micky D's franchises because we are all people and we choose to do so, not because of a particular label(or lack thereof).

Ponder this: It is not a compromise of myself or my values when I offer the Love and warmth of Jesus to people with whom I or He is in disagreement. Rather, I offer them an opportunity to see, know, and desire HIM for themselves.


Aimee said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I lurk on your blog regularly. =)

Amy said...

Aimee, I am glad to know that you visit our blog - you are always welcome. :D