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Friday, 30 May 2008
Posted by Neugier

"Four Things Meme,"

Four Jobs I’ve Held:

1. Nursing Home aide
2. Multiple Cleaning Jobs
3. Retail
4. Preschool and Second Grade Teacher

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

1. Joe Black
2. The Village
3. Star Wars Series
4. The Matrix

Four Places I Have Lived

1. Cincinnati, Ohio
2. Manaus, Brasil - South America
3. Florida, Stuart
4. Greenland, New Hampshire

Four TV Shows I Like

1. How It's Made
2. House
3. Touched By An Angel
4. 7th Heaven

Four Favorite Foods

1. Orange Chicken
2. Tandoori Chicken
3. Shrimp Pasta
4. Fried Potatoes and Eggs Sunny side up with a big juicy stake!

Four Places I would Like to Visit

1. British Columbia
2. Paris
3. Scotland
4. Australia

Four People I am Tagging

Rather than tag anyone, if you would like to do this MEME then please just leave me a comment with a link to your Blog! Have Fun and be sure to check out Sue's MeMe!


Sue said...

Hi Amy, Thanks for doing the tag! That was fast! I like your answers. I want to go to Australia too, maybe we'll get there someday. Hope you have a great weekend, Talk to you later.