Mother's Day 2008!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008
Posted by Neugier

Reflections on Parenthood.

Relatives are people you are "related to" genealogically.
Family go beyond that. Family are people you are connected to spiritually- these connections have nothing to do with genes- they are people who choose on a spiritual level, to be family... People who choose to travel your journey with you just because you are you and you are Loved. Likewise Parents are neither biological nor non biological -they also are people of spiritual choice.

Parents are people who choose to care for Abba Daddy's littlest children - almost older siblings if you will - they don't profess to have all the answers, neither do they attempt to conform your life to their image - for any reason! Rather, they choose to love you unconditionally as they are loved by their Abba Daddy, they share every part of their journey with you so that yours has the opportunity to be even better than theirs, and they constantly turn to Abba Daddy, seeking His direction and in effect saying "Okay Daddy, what did You say I should do in this situation?" Parents do not claim to be perfect for indeed they are not. And so you will often find them sitting at Your Abba Daddy's feet seeking His direction and reveling in His love. To me, "Parents" is the term for the two oldest siblings to whom the most responsibility has been given, at least temporarily. When Parents and Children choose to sit together and fellowship with their Abba Daddy THEN and only then will you see a living picture of things the way our Abby Daddy meant for them to be!

On this Mother's Day Weekend, also close to Father's Day Weekend, I wish to honor all of those who make the choice to be Biblical Parents.
I thank the two people who chose to give me life and I honor those Parents who have chosen to join me and mentor me on my journey for as long as it is our Abba Daddy's will. I have been immensely blessed and will forever be grateful to them for the Godly love and wisdom they have chosen to give so freely.
I thank my husband for following our Abba Daddy’s leading and inviting me to join him in being Biblical parents to our children. I am honored and blessed beyond my wildest imaginings.

To Ashley and Austin, our two oldest children – thank you for choosing to give me the opportunity to be your Parent. From you, I have learned so much. With both of you, I experienced the explosion of a million stars the first time you chose to wrap your arms around me and say, “I love you Mum”. I listened to your prayers night after night asking our Abba Daddy for a sibling and when we found out that our third and then fourth miracles were on their way I experienced yet another dimension of our Abba Daddy’s love for us as my heart expanded even more with that deep warmth. Choosing to be a Biblical Wife and Parent have given me a deeper revelation of who our Abba Daddy really is, how He functions and how He loves us. I have a new understanding of being protected, of giving and receiving unconditional love, of heaven’s equivalent on earth- a safe place to live and grow in.

So my children, as you walk the journey of life realize that it is neither the act of conception nor the birth of a human being that makes you a Parent. But rather the daily choice to raise and love those placed in your life according to your Abba Daddy’s leading. Love as He loves, sit always at His feet, follow only His direction for your life and you will experience life the way He intended for all His children.