Fabulous Tip Friday!

Thursday, 26 June 2008
Posted by Neugier

I have been considering doing something of this nature for a while now, and just recently came across Mommies United Blog site, who has incorporated a similar idea together with a CONTEST!
Have a fabulous Friday!

Two Tips:

1. Taking a long trip with toddlers or older? Buy disposable cameras or the inexpensive digital cameras and have a special game of "I SPY" Give each child a list of items and tell them they can not take pictures of the same items. Ex. Colors, shapes, numbers, nouns, action verbs. This really is ageless.

2. Have a little one still using bottles? How do you pack their bottles in the diaper bag? I like to REUSE my plastic tea (Mt. Dew) bottles, I make up three bottles and then funnel them into the plastic bottle. I take one already made bottle. This gives me a total of 4 premade bottles and is SO much easier than mix and making while away from home.