Two Tips for Tuesday and "...3,800 bags of trash."

Tuesday, 1 July 2008
Posted by Neugier

Welcome to Two Tips For Tuesday!
Intrigued by the endless possibilities that come from sharing and learning? I know I am! I thoroughly enjoy learning the helpful tried and true methods of others. Here I will share my own personal tried and true methods as well as feature those of other fellow bloggers from time to time. Please join me if you wish by introducing Two Tips for Tuesday on your blog and leaving a link to your site on mine! The more we share, the easier and safer we make our world!

Two Tips:

1. The Summer Heat is here! I keep a spray bottle filled with drinking water with me at all times. I use it to spritz our babies and yes, the rest of the family as well on a very frequent basis. I use drinking water so that any water that might get in the babies eyes or mouth is not a concern AND, in a pinch it can always be drank as well!
2. Recycle, Recycle. Empty Seasoning Containers are such a gift! They can be used for storage, as a toy for a young child, as an educational tool for pre-k and beyond.
Storage-buttons, nails, marbles, you name it!
Toy-put a few bottle top lids or plastic bugs in a seasoning container, and you have a safe personalized rattle if you will!
Educational Tool- just one for now-sand and bugs - HOT GLUE the lid on! You have an instant winner! Count the bugs, name and write a report about the two bugs of your choice, pretend you are one of the bugs and write your story.

For a hint at what is coming on Thursday's BEE GREEN, check out "...3,800 bags of trash."