Two Tips For Tuesday...

Tuesday, 8 July 2008
Posted by Neugier

There are times when I am so grateful for the conveniences of Modern Technology! One of those being Digital Cameras! Just think of the cost involved to develop 3oo+ photos every month!

Two Tips:

1. Never miss a photo! Have you ever been out somewhere and thought Oh, if I only had my camera! Well, here are two options to help avoid missing those special moments. Allocate a specific place, like a drawer in the kitchen; where you keep your keys, wallet, and camera. This way, when it comes time to walk out the door everything will be right there waiting. Or, purchase an "On the road" digital camera that has your car as its permanent home.
2. Never loose a photo! Do you have boxes of photos under your bed or in a closet somewhere? You know that one box that has that particular photo...If you could only recall which box! Well, at least when you are using your digital camera, you won't need to worry about locating that particular photo. Simply down load your photos once a week or once a month and file them according to said month and year. ie. July 2008 This provides you a quick at your fingertips UNLOSEABLE (new word:D) location for your photos!

The Pure Enjoyment of Learning!
Monday, 7 July 2008

Candy Land is known as a child's first board game, and I totally agree!
Candy Land, known as Lollipop Game at our house teaches academics as well as character. By naming the color on your card, and then counting and matching your card to the coordinating color, you are in reality, teaching your child one of their very first art and math lessons!
As for character, learning to take turns, to take only one card, and maybe most of all, watching how each member of the family plays together attitude wise, will teach your child lessons now, today that they will carry with them for the remainder of their lives!
If the length of time that this game may take is a concern, set the timer before hand and explain to your little one that you will play the game for set amount of minutes and when the timer goes off, it is CLEAN UP TIME! This lays the foundation for teaching your child how to tell time, teaches transition, and gives your child the security of a concise beginning and ending.