Did you know?

Thursday, 28 August 2008
Posted by Neugier

With school back in session and my husband facing a medical situation for which we have no answer at this time; I thought I would share an interesting fact or two on Reptiles along with some of my thoughts!

Smallest in the world: The Dwarf Gecko measures .6inches long and weighs just 0.00455 of an ounce.

Fastest in the world: The Costa Rican spiny-tailed iguana.
At 22miles per hour for short distances it can run almost as fast as a person!

Fact to ponder:

The same One who engineered these two reptiles and preordained them to be the smallest and the fastest in the world also created you and I. He knows the number of hairs that are on our head and has ordered our footsteps! There is NOTHING about you and I that He did not already know before time began. So my friend when we encounter those times in life that tempt us to spend unmeasured energy trying to resolve various and sundry items or details -let us simply close our eyes, take a deep breath and with our hand firmly held by our Abba Daddy, simply take the next step in this journey that we call life. And yes, LIFE really is just that simple IF we allow it to be.



Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I hope your husband is ok. He is in my prayers.