The Bee Trap!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Posted by Neugier

Lately we have had a real problem with bees on our back porch. However, being that we do our best not to use any toxic products I have been somewhat at a loss as to how to take care of them. Well, my wonderful husband found the solution!

Let me know if you try it. :D

Here’s how it works

Cut holes in a regular clear or green 2 liter soft drink bottle and slide the tubes inside so that the cut-outs are facing up. Fill the bottom of bottle with about 1½" of fruit juice. Place about a teaspoon of sugar on the center of the top tube and meat (tuna or chicken work well) on the center of the bottom tube. If you have a problem with Yellow Jackets, sugar works well on both tubes.

When a bee, wasp or yellow-jacket picks up the scent they will fly into the tube and feed on the meat or sugar. When they had their fill they try to fly straight up and eventually fall into the juice. When the juice is full of bees (and it will fill up), carefully slide the tubes out, cover the holes with duct tape, discard the bottle and re-use the tubes.

bulletAll natural! No pesticides or chemicals!
bulletSafe and easy to use!