Christmas Sites of Interest:

Thursday, 11 December 2008
Posted by Neugier

Christmas music:

This one made me laugh
. here
Christmas Music Trivia. here
New Christmas Music. site
Pandora Radio. site

Christmas Symbols and their meanings.

Some of these symbols I was familiar with some I was not. here
A more commercial set of symbols here

Famous Nativity and Christmas Art:

From Leonardo da Vinci to Alessandro Botticelli and many more these paintings are amazing! Click here
*When I googled Famous Christmas Art I really did not find much, so I typed in Famous Christmas Paintings and found a few things that were either sincerely scary or just plain poor taste! In the link above, while I would not personally purchase each painting there is depth to them as well as culture and tradition! Where has it all gone?!

Christmas Poems, Short Stories and Tongue Twisters:

A Toy For Santa
A Child Builds A Toy For Santa (Short Story)
Winter Bare Bear
Tongue Twisting Twiddles
Reindeer Names
A Way To Remember Reindeer Names
Jokes and Riddles
Corny and Funny - it will make you laugh

Christmas Wishes - This is an AMAZING website with enough information to keep you busy all year long.