Christmas Traditions.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008
Posted by Neugier

Christmas Traditions are something that our family takes seriously, we do not rush them, we choose them carefully and if once trying them we realize they do not "fit" we quickly relinquish them. This makes the holidays more sincere, not as busy and truly memorable for our family.

One of our traditions involves our love of books. All year long we collect Christmas books of all kinds and come December, we read one book a day all month long! Then at the end of the month each child is able to choose five of their favorites for their personal library. The book left over are given as gifts to children who do not have a safe place of their own yet with the prayer that they will one day - Soon.

What are some of your families favorite Christmas traditions?


Emily said...

I love the book tradition! We have kind of been mixing it up lately for Christmas!! This year will be a new experience as we'll be in the cold and hopefully snow! We're dreaming of a white Christmas!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That is a great tradition. Will need to remember it for next year. This year was the first for the Advent calendar as Miss A is old enough to get it. It is nice because it also helps her understand the concept of time. When I was little we also did a tradition with the nativity, where we read the story and then "acted" out the part. On Christmas Day, we would put the baby Jesus in the manger and on Three Kings Day the three wise men would show up after trekking all over the house. It was fun.