For My Love: My Gift from LOVE.

Friday, 21 September 2007
Posted by Neugier

Butterfly Passion

Marching across the straining view,
saddles are on their own.
The pounding hooves like crushed bells
start suddenly to moan.

When I hold the armed love,
controlling the courage in oak boats,
spoiled and regenerated sunbeams
cross the country raspberry roads.

Glittering landscape by the shores
is a newborn faith beaten by the countless waves.
Everything tempts me to love you...
Everywhere I run, love rains...

The revelation of the butterfly passion
in front and back throbs the same.
What a fresh smell of your eyelashes-
I braid them along with my mane!

In midsummer we are like two young angels,
inhaling love one motion at a time.
Your legs walk on mine, stepping on love,
and right away I sense the meaning of life.

To be born together, yet years apart,
we both rush out of the womb...
My eyes are blurry, yours are so clear,
when I carry the river to you.

Your tears are free,
but mine are armed from above.
Let me hold our courage,
so the courage could arm our love!

Both by A.L.