Our Date!

Saturday, 26 January 2008
Posted by Neugier

Our family has a really neat tradition! It goes like this: Every week, we take turns going on dates. One weekend my husband and I go on a date, one weekend is family date weekend, and then on other weekends we parents each alternate with each child. This weekend, as you can see, Ashley and I went to see Anne of Green Gables at the Playhouse. We had such a good time!
I was talking with a fellow Mom at the gym the other day and we were commenting on how much we truly ENJOY being with our children - we both have children who are older and younger. I just don't understand parents who complain about their children or comment that "how good it is to get a 'break' from them"! Like my friend and I were saying, "It takes the gift of TIME to be a truly good parent and if you are not able or prepared to give such to your children, then do them a favor and don't have them"! If you respect them as PEOPLE not "KIDS" they will respect you and you will mutually ENJOY being with each other whether they are 1 almost 2 or 17 almost 18.
Ashley, I love you so much! Thank you for choosing me to be your Mum, it is an honor and a joy beyond words! I am so blessed and boy do I enjoy it!:D "Chi-Chi" as Abby would say. :D


Beth said...

i love it. . . everytime i get on. . .something has changed on this blog!!!! spice it up girl!!!! Birthday was GREAT!!! we did her toes the next day :) she didn't say anything about her ears!!! but I'll get them done again this summer.
the kids have been putting tattoos on :) cody calls them tic-tac-tattoos!!! LOL
have to set up a phone date!!!
Love Ya!

Beth said...

love the links. .. .the kids get Time for Kids in school and they really enjoy it. . .and timothy will love Kids Discover!!!! Thanks!!!

Beth said...

what's up with the fricken weather???? is it all anyone has to talk about???? Call me. . . .long story. . .but by the sounds of it . . .i need to talk it out!!!! LOL