Dear David

Thursday, 24 January 2008
Posted by Neugier

This song, Who You'd Be Today, is in memory of my wife's brother, my brother, David Lynn Haynes, who left this world, a baby in body, but a giant in unconditional Love.

In David's memory, love your siblings and your children lavishly today.

"David, we love you. Give Abba Daddy a kiss for us."



Beth said...

your dad looks so young in this pic! and the dress you were wearing LOL aren't pics great though!!

about the "love your siblings and your children lavishly today". . .i think some find it easier to not love than to love unconditionally. . .cuz to love unconditionally is to trust God and your heart and not what other people think. But the thing I always think back to. . .is Jesus. . .He loves me Unconditionally and I'm so glad of that . . .and I'm sure if he had reason to turn his back on me he would. . .
ok my sermon is getting rather LONG!!!