Having Fun!

Friday, 4 April 2008
Posted by Neugier

I recently purchased a book for Ashley that we have been enjoying together. In short, the book has over 250 brain-stretching exercises that are brief, fun and meant to evoke creative, thought provoking responses.

For example, today we did page 27.
"If we took one class in drivers education, we're aware of what each of the common road signs mean. If it's yellow with a curved arrow pointing right, we know there's a curve coming up to the right. But what if we didn't know what they meant? Some of those signs might be communicating more than the designers bargained for. Your task today is to come up with alternate meanings for the following five common roadsigns:"

Here are the answers we came up with:
1. There is a hole in the road you could fall into or
Something negative
2. Farm area or
Cow processing plant
3. Sliding cars or electrical current in the road or
Swerve back and forth (dodge nails?)
4. Come here only if ready to be crucified for what you believe ie. no hypocrites
or Medic
5. Only lepers or those without hands allowed or
Entering a bad section of town

Once you have added your own answers, click here for the actual meaning of each sign.