Bee Green!

Thursday, 10 July 2008
Posted by Neugier

I recently came across Green Living online and am very excitied to "introduce" them to you.

What is Green Living?

"Green Living is a retail store based in Dallas, Texas that offers Earth-friendly products for everyday use and unique "green" products that we're excited to introduce. More than that, we like to call Green Living a community resource center, because not only do we provide our patrons with a wide range of recycled, organic, and fairly-traded goods for the home, we are a place of information about local and global Earth issues and a place to learn about living green."

Of special interest to me is the fact that Green Living provides living wages and good work conditions to men and women in developing countries-all while Being Green! Be sure to check out their various categories and their easy Green Steps as well as the hemp shoulder bag from Nepal and the amazing children's toys!