The Pure Enjoyment of Learning!

Monday, 14 July 2008
Posted by Neugier

WHY? If you have children, you either have or soon will be called to join in the WHY GAME.

Today, I observed with wonder as Abby sat on the hood of the car and watched Papai fix the tire to our riding lawn mower.
Abby-"Why Papai? Why you do that?"
Papai- "I am fixing the tire to my tractor so I can mow the lawn."
Abby-"Why Papai? What is that?"
Papai- "This is an air pump, it puts air in the tire."
The same questions must have been asked at least three or four times, and each time Papai gave nearly the same answer.

And every day, it is the same.
Abby-"Why you talk"
Family-"Because we enjoy talking, this is how we communicate."

And so the questions continue and with each question an answer...which, led me to wonder and invite you to pause for a moment and ask yourself the same question I asked myself.
How do I feel about asking "Why?" Do I feel free to be inquisitive or do I have a tendency to smile and say nothing for fear of the reaction I may encounter? And last but not least, how do I want my children to feel about asking "Why?" when they are my age?

When I stop and evaluate this question for myself, I want my children to ALWAYS ask "WHY?" ... AND to search until they find the answer. I want the wonder of life to follow them throughout their lives.

It is my opinion that through this game we have the opportunity to feed the natural born hunger of our little ones in a way that will bless and follow them through life.
Thus the Pure Enjoyment of (Life long) Learning....