The Pure Enjoyment of Learning!

Monday, 21 July 2008
Posted by Neugier

I well recall the first computer my father purchased. I was in 4th grade and had never seen such an amazing machine. In high school, I finally learned how to turn one on and in college I became a semi proficient Micro Soft Word user. Finally, in my late 20's as a Second Grade teacher I began learning how to "surf" the Internet and find resources for my dearly beloved students. After all, I had several Second Grade students turning in PowerPoint presentations for their projects!

And now, as the wife of a computer engineer and the mother of four children who dearly love learning and devour all things electronic I can finally say that computers have become a standard part of my daily life. Most days following breakfast Abby will ask, "ABC's Mamae please. Abby do ABC's". So, while Mamae works around in the kitchen Abby not only works on her ABC's, but also her computer skills, her hand/eye coordination, auditory and hands on learning, as well as colors and following directions.

Even Mr. Aydon joins in with his very own keyboard!

So if buying your child their own personal laptop interest you, check your local schools, used electronics stores, even Craigs List for very affordable options and give your child a head start on their computer skills!


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

LOVE that Abby calls you Mamae. Miss A will sometimes call me Mamay & it reminded me of her. She's very smart doing her ABCs!

Emily said...

Aww, so very cute! Aydon and, love those names. Abby has always been a favorite. Aydon is very unique!