Two Tips for Tuesday!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008
Posted by Neugier

You see it in nearly every store you go to; children and parents alike are talking about it - Back to School Time!
I think Ashley and Austin looked forward to September and August (buying school supplies) almost as much, maybe even more so than Christmas! Even now, at 16 and 18 we still celebrate the "season" by going to our local Teacher's Store and going shopping!
Here are two tips that I think both you the parent and your child' teacher, will benefit from.

Two Tips and a Bonus:

1/Bonus. Never Alone - Do you have a little one just starting Preschool or even an older one expressing some anxiety over the beginning of school? Regardless of age, a photo of the special people in your child's life may do more good than you would ever guess, even for the older ones. Laminate the photo at your local Office Supply store and your Preschooler has the perfect photo for their cubbie while your older ones have an instant book mark! (Bonus!)You could do this every month and come next September, have the 12 photos made into a calendar for Grandparents Day!

2. Lost No More!- Have you ever experienced the "Mysteriously Missing Homework" or "Note" from the teacher? You know that one reminding you to bring 2dz cookies on Friday, only today is Friday! The cure? A simple hanging file ($2 at Walmart) placed on the wall of your choosing. Maybe your office or laundry room, or in the hall way, directly inside or outside of your child's room. And here is the Key- Everyday, when they get home it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to place ANY and ALL papers in the file box before changing clothes! This way, mom and dad will be able to look at their papers and sign any Field Trip Permission Slips, or other papers such as the case may be.

Learning is a life long activity; one to be embraced and enjoyed throughly!