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Monday, 18 August 2008
Posted by Neugier

This past week was a good week. Aren't they all?! :D

Of special interest:

Ashley~Congratulations go to our oldest daughter Ashley! She is studying very hard for an upcoming test and just this morning she completed her second Math Text Book in 3 weeks. This last one was 720 pages and she finished it in 11 days! You Go Girl!!!
AND, she keeps up with the rest of life at the same time! This amazing person is my daughter!!!

Abby~ Coloring a picture for Grandma Grandpa and learning all about addressing letters.

Aydon~ Aydon is growing so quickly! Already he helps clean up his toys, climbs the stairs (his first mountain?) and is learning his ABCs! Here he is playing with Lu.

Papai~Papai takes my breathe away more and more every day. It is such a pleasure to be one with my best friend on this journey we call life. He is a daily example of the person each one of us can choose to be: perfect in heart and therefore constantly growing and improving.

An excellent person, best friend, husband, father, provider, son, etc.

I never dreamed I would marry into a "computer" family! :D
But alas we are a keyboard family!



Kelsey said...

Congrats to your daughter!