The Orchid.

Friday, 10 October 2008
Posted by Neugier

Why does the Orchid choose to weep?
Why does the Orchid relinquish that for which it was created to experience?
Sigh not against the wind dear Orchid
Rather choose to walk the path for which you were intended.

Every path has up and downs
On every path fear can easily be found
With the choice of truth at all cost fear is forced to vanish and in its place stands
courage, reality and freedom.

There are many who cross our paths
Some for an instant and some for a season
But each a lesson brings
Indeed an opportunity to blossom more brightly and smell more deeply
Or to hide and eventually wither.

You dear orchid must make a decision
Will you seek with courage that for which you were created
Or will you sigh and hide beneath the cloak of fear

Never experiencing the freedom for which you were born,
Never relinquishing the deep beauty and scent of purity
faith and courage so many seek along the way

Your choice is not an easy one
Your path may well be filled with fog, mountains and unexpected drops
But should you choose the path of truth and freedom,
Rest assured dear Orchid that the loving Gardener by your side will be.
And although battered and sore, the deep beauty of truth and scent of courage will a beacon be to many others who along their way have taken the way they thought best and hide beneath their cloak of fear and unexpectedness.

Remember dear Orchid you are loved no matter what.

*(a beautiful poem written by a dear friend)



The Farmer Files said...

Live every day as if it were your last!