Two Tips for Tuesday!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008
Posted by Neugier

Thanks Bea for keeping my Two Tips for Tuesday up and running while I was away last week. If you have little ones in diapers or soon will have, you really much check it out!

This week, my thoughts are on car trips with little ones.

-Have each child take their very own little backpack with things for them to do. Age wise I would say 1 1/2. I did take one for our 1 year old but I used it for them more than they used it themselves.
-If you have one of those big diaper bags, leave home and take your own backpack. This is much easier to carry on your back and will easily fit on the handle bars of most strollers.
-Put your baby wipes in a zip lock bag. This is wonderful! You no longer have this hard object, it makes it a little lighter as well.
-Snacks. Make your own trail mix ahead of time, put it in zip lock bags and place them in the last diaper box you purchased. (Great for recycling and no clean up worries) Age wise: Our youngest just turned one and we all had our own respective trail mixes.
-And last but not least: A hand held vacuum! Yes, you do need one, believe me! They only cost $15 at Walmart and if you are traveling with car seats, it is a quick clean up. Charge it before you leave and recharge wherever you are staying.

*If you have or have had little ones what are your travel tips?


Emily said...

I will definitely be keeping these in mind! Thank you!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Mine's up with tips on going out with your kids. Love the trail mix idea! And we so could be twins on everything else!