Did you know?

Monday, 5 January 2009
Posted by Neugier

Today is National Bird Day!
Here are just a few fun facts:

The smallest bird in the world is the Cuban Bee hummingbird, also known as the Helena's hummingbird. It measures 2 ¼ inches in length from bill tip to tail. (Click on the photo for an in action video clip)

  • One in three households in North America feed birds while more than 28 million Americans maintain bird feeders, spending more than $500 million annually on birdseed.
  • The Arctic Tern sees more daylight than any other species. It flies some 22,000 miles each year (the longest known migration) between its breeding grounds in the high Arctic and its winter grounds in the southern ocean.

  • A few Bird Projects:

    Animal Treats in A Tree Activity

    See some animals pay a visit to your backyard when you try this animal treats activity. Take notes as you watch them chow down.

    Feather Down Activity
    Can you keep as warm as a bird in the middle of winter? Try this fun activity and see if you can.

    Eat Like A Bird Activity
    Do you eat like a bird? Try this activity and find out. You may be surprised.

    Warm Bird's Nest Activity
    Keeping a nest warm isn't as easy as you think it might be. Try this bird activity and find out for yourself.

    Owl Eyes Activity
    Dramatically improve your night vision with this owl eyes activity.

    Robin's Egg Treats Activity
    Try this bird activity. These are no ordinary eggs.

    Stopwatch Bird Activity
    Ever wondered how long it takes for a bird to reach the sky? Try this bird activity and find out.

    Balloon Swan Activity
    Wow all of your friends by doing this balloon swan activity.