Two Tips for Tuesday!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009
Posted by Neugier

Spring is in the air!

Well, not really; however it will soon be and with the Winter season now past, organization and cleaning are buzz words around our home. Thus the subject of today's Two Tips for Tuesday!

I enjoy setting a timer at the start of each project, I find that it helps me stay focused, it also give me a feeling of accomplishment when I "beat the clock" and if a particular project seems overwhelming, well it gives me a beginning and end.
It is also a great learning tool being as A3 and A4 are learning the concept of time. They enjoy watching Mamae use it and in turn want to use it themselves.

I really, really like these baskets! This Christmas A3 and A4 received quiet a few Melissa and Dough small piece wooden toys, they also have a lot of miniature animal figures. So I have taken a photo of them playing with both group of toys and we now have an Animal Basket and a Wooden Basket. It makes clean up much easier for them and helps things stay neat and organized.

I would very much like to have you join in with your own Two Tips for Tuesday, just leave a link with your comment and I will be sure to check out your blog and tips.