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Monday, 28 April 2008
Posted by Neugier

In the News: “Little Einsteins Milk”
April 18th, 2008 · posted by Sonya Smith

Disney launches
Walt Disney Co. announced today a new milk beverage line called “Disney Little Einsteins Milk.”

The milk is produced by Stremicks Heritage Foods, a company headquartered in Santa Ana.

The new Disney-branded milk is rBST hormone-free and enriched with 32mg of omega-3 DHA per serving to support brain and eye development. It is the first Disney-branded refrigerated dairy beverage to launch since Disney announced its food guidelines in 2006.

“The Disney brand and characters are in a unique position to market beverages that kids want and parents feel good about,” said Lance Gatewood, vice president of food, health & beauty for Disney Consumer Products North America.

This Week: Is Little Einsteins Animal Adventures Week

Monday, April 28, “He Speaks Music!” In this episode they help a baby Chimp find his parents by listening to the sounds of the Ivory Coast’s Comoe National Park. The featured tune is by Bedrich Smetana.

Tuesday, April 29, “Mr Penguin’s Ice Cream Adventure.” In this episode they help Mr. Penguin get his ice cream truck over the Andes Mountains. The featured tune is by Schubert.

Wednesday, April 30, “Jump for Joey.” This episode features them going with a baby kangaroo to an animal talent show in Australia, which involves them meeting other Australian animals such as koalas. The featured tune is by Georges Bizet.

Thursday, May 1, “The Mouse and the Moon.” This episode is about the Little Einsteins helping a mouse make a special delivery to the moon. The featured tune is by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Friday, May 2, “Animal Snack Time.” This episode is Brand New and is about them bringing snacks to baby animals in Africa and Big Jet stealing them before they can do so.

Our focus this week: animals and music!

Needless to say we have a very exciting week ahead of us! So be sure to check back for information, links and pictures.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize disney had food guidelines! I am impressed to hear that.